World's Most Epic Orchestral Music • "SWEET VICTORY" by Supreme Devices

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🎧 Video Details:

Title: Sweet Victory (by David Klemencz)
Artist: Supreme Devices
Label: Epic Music World
Album: Tenacity (EP)
Year: 2020

★ Animation by Realtime Motion Studios:
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  1. Me: Listen to Sweet Victory music.
    My dad: Are you winning son?
    Me: [Minimize the screen and pretend to do assignment] No dad, Im listening to the song while doing assignment.
    My dad: Wow, the song you use are loud too, but epic. Thats why Im proud of you son, you got some awesome stuff unlike the other nowdays. Ok, good luck.
    Me: [sign] Finally, now my dad not here, time for some cheecks again.

  2. все супер от 0:01 до 2:53 , но потом эта труба, дудка, фанфары все портят! не вписывается она никак, режет слух… что мешало духовыми до этого продолжить?

  3. "Sweet victory……"the man said.

    "I have only seen victory in the cost of blood, and yet it still wasn't enough to teach them a lesson…."

    The man looked disappointed.

    "Wish I can have a sweet victory with no loses one day, like they were wished"

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