Why You Shouldn't Try Gaming With an Nvidia TESLA Graphics card…

The Nvidia Tesla C2075 was a fantastic workstation graphics card back in the day and it was never intended for gaming. However, Nvidia decided to attach a DVI port to this one so I couldn’t help but try to run a few games, albeit with disastrous results.

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  1. Try it on Linux, should be interesting to see how it interacts with the driver, shouldn't have as many arbitrary restrictions and even get to take advantage of the gaming optimisations, have tried it on quadro cards for instance

  2. I have potate laptop with fermi nvidia gpu and gtav works better XD sadly I play blender more that gta XDD (actually desperate to get new machine but pandemic shite in my wallet… Covid – 1/10 would not let it spread again.)

  3. For reference, I just upgraded from a GTX 560 in January this year and I had been running GTA5 at 60 FPS with at least high settings, and some higher. Still a great experience. Considering this is roughly comparable to a 580, this is extremely sad lol

  4. I think modifying inf file might allow the driver to be installed as long as the GPU architecture is supported by the driver. Linus Tech Tips got a video talking about hacking NVIDIA drivers to install mining card for gaming.

  5. It did better than most 9 year old cards could do.
    Edit: it has 448 shaders 56 texture 48 rops and a core clock of 574 MHz with shaders at 1147 MHz and a whopping 150GB/s on the ram and FP32 of 1 GFLops, well below the TFlops we have these days.

  6. i think the simplest way to put it is that other than the GeForce lineup from Nvidia, it's for gaming. the other cards are either for heavy encoding and decoding, or computing which is basically an accelerated processor

  7. I hate nvidia for the trick they did on gtx series, how the F 1060 3gb stronger than 1050 ti over clocked??!!! Howww!! they just using dirty trick cuz the vram and hz is high but the fps still low than the 1060 F its all about money

  8. But a pixelfill rate of 18000 is no good -a ati 850 xe from year 2007 would have half the pixelfillrate and it only can play a game like ut3 at 320×240 resulotion .And 31 £ seems ok for a xp build if there are drivers

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