Why You Keep Loosing Everytime #3 | Pubg Mobile Mistakes | Potter Gaming

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My Device :- Asus Rog 2
Basic Settings :- Scope And Lean Mode | Hold
Peak And Open Scope :- Disable
Block Sight Warning :- Disable
Graphic Settings :- Smooth And Extreme • Colour Full



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  1. Bhai,har baar piche se padjate hei goli aur bande ka spot bhi nhe hoti.jab temple Mei land karta hu to pura glitch hota aur character ka moment hi nhe hota land hone par kab knockout hota ki pata bhi nhe chalta mujhe.??ye network ka problem hei nhe server nhe mobile ka ??##.mujhe to safe khel na pad Raha to Jo hotdrops ko chodke aur bande see fight lene ka bhi..

  2. Bhai mera crosshair ka size galat he yaa camera sensi galat he me findout nhi kr paaa raha hun . Please help me. Me hip fire me hag hi detaaa hun puraaa. Sensi badhaa kar kamaaa kar sb kr diya. Crosshair badhaa ke chota krke chck kr liya fir v pata nhi chl raha. Scopein krke sahi hota he.sirf hip fire dikkat deta he

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