Werewolf: The Last Warrior Music (NES) – BGM 2 (Werewolf Form)

Track 3 / 15 (Complete Soundtrack)

Werewolf: The Last Warrior
Choujinrou Senki Warwolf

Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom
Developer: Takara
Publisher: Data East (US + EU), Takara (JP)
Composer: S. Sakai, T. Miura, Y. Takahama
Year: 1990 (US), 1991 (JP + EU)

1 – Prologue / Spirit of Kinju
2 – BGM 1 (Human Form)
3 – BGM 2 (Werewolf Form)
4 – Miniboss Theme
5 – Boss Theme
6 – Stage Victory
7 – Cutscene
8 – Final Boss Part 1
9 – Final Boss Part 1 (JP)
10 – Final Boss Part 2
11 – Final Victory
12 – Credits
13 – Credits (JP)
14 – Game Over
15 – (?) Unknown / Unused

The Japanese and US versions of the game have two different tracks for the Final Boss Part 1 music, and the Credits music. The US soundtrack also uses a sharper, more timbale-like dpcm sample for the tom, but the rest is otherwise identical.


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  1. The fact that you are a fucking WEREWOLF WITH BLADES FOR ARMS, and you STILL look like a bitch compared to the other enemies in the game says a lot about the difficulty.

    Game of the system for me.

  2. @TBonenom
    That's probably further than I ever got. 🙂 I played through the game to basically ID all the tracks from the NSF so I could sample and tag them, and it required LOTS of save-state abusing for me to get through. And when I was done, I had to play through the Japanese version again just to find the different songs it had. lol :p

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