Trying Weird WISH Baking Gadgets!

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Cakes you NEED to see:

EVERYTHING you need to make my cakes:


My Recipes –

Buttercream icing step by step –
Covering a cake in fondant –
Back to the CAKE Basics –

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  1. Okay but bag sealers are great! That's The wrong type of bag though they need thicker plastic like chip bags. And they work by creating heat between the two contact points that's why there's a guard on the bottom

  2. I am so anti Wish. I purchased over $270.00 in April and still have not gotten my merchandise. I have asked for a refund or send me my paid merchandise. I have gotten nowhere with this company. Their stuff is cheap and never works. I now have a new site call Vova. Try some things from there. You will be so much happier

  3. Im sure you wont read this, but you popped up into my feed. I have a miilion and one food allergies so i am vegan, gluten-free, corn free, ect so not sure how your channel was reccomend to me?? I CANNOT stop watching your videos and I am now subscribed because your are too dang cute and your personality ❤❤ the best of 2020!

  4. Personally I'm a huge wish fan. I probably spend way too much on it lol. You have to do your research before you buy a product though. Check reviews thoroughly and only buy when there's pictures to compare. They also are really good about returns when something doesn't work quite right or breaks. I've gotten a lot of DIY stuff through them since it's cheaper and does the job.

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