Walt Disney Home Entertainment presents Inspector Gadget 2, being released on video on 11 March 2003


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  1. Inspector Gadget 2 was not only a bad movie that ended the Inspector Gadget movie series but it's misguided as well. It looks like they take a look at the first Inspector Gadget movie then they try to apply the same style and humor to a story with characters that wouldn't be compatible with it along with a new cast but ran with it anyway. While the plot dose expand on the Inspector Gadget mythos the characters are all unlikable with how they act and how they preform. It's just a recipe for disaster that undermines the source material and doesn't do anything to add to it. Not only that they didn't use the original cast from the first movie like in most sequels. Though I can imagine how the original cast would be even better in this movie compare to what we did get. French Stewart can be funny depends on who writes for him. But this is not the kind of film he should be taking part in. Other than that this movie did not share the same success as the first Inspector Gadget movie. Not only it didn't went into theaters but it only made $12 million dollars and went straight to VHS and DVD. Inspector Gadget on the other hand went into theaters and made ten times it's box-office budget. So Inspector Gadget 2 was definitely a step back. In all honesty this is a film that's so bad and misguided it's unbearable. But I've seen some worse sequels that doesn't use any of the original cast from first movies like Kindergarten Cop 2 for example. At best it's just a really bad expansion plot and a bad sequel over all that should best be forgotten. Better to watch the 1999 Inspector Gadget movie and the 1983 TV cartoon series than watch this sequel.

  2. It's pretty cool how they actually play the original "Inspector Gadget" theme song in this trailer. And I mean the one from the original show, not the reorchestrated version from the first movie.

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