Top 10 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets and Accessories you Should Have in 2017

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Here we make a list of Top 10 new amazing tech inventions that will blow your mind. In this post you found some amazing gadgets and technology that makes your life awesome.

These are the top 10 Coolest iPhone 7 gadgets you should buy.

1. Rico

2. Ztylus Camera Case

3. Litewire

4. Snapjet

5. Dro Printer

6. DXO Camera

7. Photojojo Iris Camera Lens

8. Proview s3

9. IBlades

10. Easy Micro

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  1. Can you please kill the music while showing the gadgets? it makes it EXTREMELY hard to hear the speech when you have a hearing impairment like I do even with my hearing aid on!

  2. How does litewire know the device will cost 11$ right off the bat, if they don't know how much they are going to have to pay out of pocket to produce the litewire? (since it depends on how much support they get on kickstarter)

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