This OLED TV should be your next gaming monitor | LG 48-inch CX OLED

You may have heard that LG’s OLED TVs are built to offer a great gaming experience, but just how far do these TVs with HDMI 2.1 go? If you’ve also heard they have problems, then you’ll want to see this video. We got exclusive early access to a coming firmware update that eliminates bugs and unlocks the TV’s potential. See first-hand what LG’s OLED TVs can and can’t do in 4K 120Hz gaming, debate resolution vs. frame-rate, and we’ll answer whether this 48-inch model make sense for desktop PC use.

0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Does Size Matter?
0:38 – HMDI 2.1 Rollout
1:11 – What we’re testing with
1:55 – Fortnite Performance
2:20 – Next Gen Capable?
3:00 – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
3:57 – HDR Experience
4:16 – Frame-rate Over Resolution?
4:59 – What About The Size?
6:36- Is The LG CX The Ultimate Gaming Monitor?

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  1. Hey all, a quick note: While my TV updated automatically, yours may not. Previously, LG indicated the update which IS functional for both the C9 and CX, could be obtained by contacting your local LG authorized technician. I suggest going into the support section of LG's menu, forcing a search for the update. If you don't get it, start calling your local service center for detailed instructions. I will post the update number you want here later today.

  2. Hi, I am in the market for an LG C9 TV. I found a 65-inch tv for $1600. I was contacted by the seller telling me that this model is not the 10-bit version of the TV. I was puzzled and found online that there might be two different models, namely, LG OLED65C9AUA and OLED65C9PUA. Can you assist? I feel like I'm being scammed.

  3. Don't you dare run a desktop or browser on this TV. If you do hook this TV up to a PC, only turn it on to play a game or movie/show, and only use it as your second monitor; otherwise, you'll get burn-in without a doubt in 3 years, bet. On the other hand, if you're made of money and like to buy TVs every 2-3 years or so… We now have disposable phones, more or less, with their sealed batteries. I didn't think TVs would follow suit to the phone industry; with OLED "planned obsolescence" is built in.

  4. Its good…but with burn in risk….and not being able to see enemies in the dark? So no good for regular shooter gamers then? So what games? Racing maybe, mmm?? I think this review contradicts itself. Good for gaming but you cant see enemies??
    How can a burn in risk monitor be good for gaming? I might wait for mini led in 2021 from sammy…atleast you can see who youre shooting at lol!!

  5. Already bought it and must say is unconfortable to play on it due to the size. It is just too big to play with it sitting on a desk.

    Has all the right specs but i suggest you only buy if you will use it at distance like a TV do not buy if you plan to use at same distance as a desk monitor.

  6. got the LG C9 since 9 month now, bought it for gaming and just played 2 times on it. oled is king in picture quality for sure but i dont enjoy this tv at all. i always have in mind okay better dont play this game on it becouse there is this and this huds… or a crosshair. even if i watch tv with it i always need to be carefull becouse logos and other stuff. if i could choose again i would pick a solid qled from samsung or sony. we pay so much money for a flagship tv and have to deal with this problems the whole time so maybe the lg cx is king. but its not worth it i can tell ya

  7. I really don’t think using an OLED as a monitor is the best choice considering how many static elements there are aside from gaming. I really can’t stand how dim the TV looks to be honest. Other than that it is gorgeous but I think I’ll wait for QD-OLED or QNED tech in a year or two.

  8. I think folks risk burn in with playing games on OLED. I have an older OLED (about 3 years old now) and when running a test pattern, can detect some burn in from my games. It is not noticeable in everyday use, but would caution folks who do nothing but play games (or the vast majority of their time is gaming).

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