The Story of Super Mario Bros. 3 | Gaming Historian

A documentary about the creation of Super Mario Bros. 3, the unparalleled hype surrounding its release, and why it’s considered one of the greatest games of all time.

00:00 – Intro
01:19 – Part 1: The Ultimate Mario
24:21 – Part 2: The Hype
38:13 – Part 3: The Greatest
45:59 – End Credits

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  1. Super Mario Bros. 3 is the game that made me fall in love with video games. It was only a matter of time before I talked about it. This video contains rare images, archival footage, and design documents! If you enjoyed it, please share. Happy Holidays!

  2. 23:51 I think I still have one of this.
    26:51 Super Mario 2 in Asia. It's really hard, too hard for its market.
    Even I had guidebook and gained dozen of lives, than spent hours of concentratation with it, I still can't reached 5-1.

  3. This was the first videogame I ever played in my life back in 97/98. Shortly after I was introduced to super mario world and super mario 64. Been a Mario fan ever since, don't even care to play xbox or Playstation games anymore

  4. Oh boy, SMB3 was definitely one of the most nostalgic games from that time.

    On a different topic, I think a video about Super Mario World would be very interesting as well. Considering I've played a lot of SMW as a kid, and I've seen a lot of scrapped ideas in it, I think that game has a huge amount of development history and ideas that never made it into the game

  5. I remember my cousin and I searched my aunt's house all around to find where she stashed Super Mario Bros 3 for Christmas. We opened it early and played all night. Got in trouble the next morning but worth it lol

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