Testing 3 Levitating Gadgets!

Today I’m testing out three levitating gadgets from Amazon, in three price ranges, to see how they really work. Also I referred to the UFO as a “USB Speaker” because the UFO charges via USB connection or wirelessly on the base. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

Buy em:
• Globe:
• Moon Lamp: (I believe this vendor has sold out after my video was posted)
• UFO:

MY GEAR (Amazon)
• Main Camera:
• Main Lens:
• 2nd Camera:
• Lapel Mic:
• Audio Recorder:
• Some of my top picks on Amazon:

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Music by Epidemic Sound
“Aerial Navigation” by Brendon Moeller

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  1. The ufo i love but the stand is what kills it for me. I understand its like its sucking something into the ship but its just too tall. The moon on the other hand is so simplicity and you can change the color of it. Curious if you can get the stand in a black wood finish look

  2. You should try to Back to the Future ones. They got the DeLorean and the hoverboard. They're both cool but the DeLorean is amazing looking…it's also almost $400 lol.

  3. I have a very similar moon. It doesnt float but it comes with a little stand and has a little touch control for brightness and color. It makes a wonderful little lamp and you can take it with you to the kitchen at 2 am

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