Surviving Public Transport – Gadget Man: The FULL Episodes | S3 Episode 2

Richard turns his attention to the noise, dirt and discomfort he suffers while on public transport. Russell Howard joins him on London’s tube to assess the effectiveness of gadgets.

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  1. ''Boyfriend, our journey has ended i'd like to thank you for your time and muted enthusiasm, but being with you has reminded me very much how much i prefer being on my own, so with that i must take my leave..'' finally found the right words to end things in a human way. Thanks Richard.

  2. This is funny because now a basic mask like what Richard worse on the 'tube' is required on all busses and trains in my city. People will look at you strange if you AREN'T wearing one.

  3. Closed-back headphones tend not to leak as much sound regardless of the material they are constructed from. Closed-back headphones are not a novelty gadget or a revolutionary product. The yobs with their electro-funk tunes leaking from their headphones at offensive sound levels tend to be wearing open-back headphones. Closed-back headphones put you at risk to higher pressure waves and open-back phones tend to have greater audio fidelity. Shouldn't you use the term "gadget-person"? I must be very bored to be pushed to this level of pedantry.

  4. Adam Buxton plays the fake has-no-idea-what-Richard's-going-to-say role in a really hilarious way.

    "I've eliminated the need for a driver. We don't have to engage with anyone."

    "So what? You're driving?"

    "I will not be driving!"

    "I'm driving?"

  5. ive spent my entire 20's not coming up with useless things stupid people will buy. im not being facetious, genuinely people are so stupid there's a market for everything.

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