Surface Pro 2 Gaming – Playing Battlefield 4 (SP)

Battlefield 4 is a Copyrights © 2013 of Electronics Arts (

Game – Battlefield 4
Publisher – Electronic Arts (
Developer – EA Digital Illusions CE (
Year Published – 2013
Resolution – 1280X720

This game played very good on the Surface Pro 2 at 720p with all the settings on low. The game had frame rates usually of 20-30 FPS with very rare cases of short blips to the mid teens and occasional trips to the high teens. I will definitely give this one a SurfaceProGaming Certification :).

This video was uploaded under the Fair Use ( Doctrine answering the following questions

1. The purpose and character of the use – The original content is a video game created for entertainment purposes. We in turn, are using a clip from this game to review if the game can or can not run efficiently on the Microsoft Surface Pro or other hardware, which in turn is a completely different use than that intended by the original content.

2. The nature of the copyrighted work – We are reviewing a fictional based video game.

3. The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole – All clips are less than 20 minutes to give us a reasonable play time to demonstrate the viability of playing such a game under the Microsoft Surface Pro or other hardware.

4. The effect of the use upon the potential market for, or value of, the copyrighted work – Since our videos are just a reviewing on how the game plays on a particular hardware, our video review could never be a substitute for playing the game itself.


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  1. Just got surface pro 3 can someone pls make a step by step  video of what app or apps  you need to start installing this game on this tablet  I mean show everything from start to finish so even a five year old would understand it pls I just subbed you . Pls help I don't know shit about computers and I just got that for my birthday .i would be totally grateful if you could help thank you

  2. Hi, I got surface pro 3. Tried changing settings to as you've mentioned in comments. By any chance could you help me get this playing good? 1. What screen ratio's? Did you do any extra driver installs, direct x or any other tips to have it run good in full screen? Thank you.

  3. Not that bad for a tablet.
    I feel a lot of lag even with the video. I don't think with lower than 60 fps it is playable. Will never tell this is a good for playing. Maybe an ultra low setting and lower res will help

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