Stryper – Free (Original Music Vídeo)



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  1. i took my 10 yeard old to see them 2 weeks, man did they sound really good. they havent missed a beat. i listened to them 30 years ago when I was, now he is rocking out to oz fox 30 years later

  2. I don't think a lot of people realize how big Stryper got in the late 80's. They were on MTV all the time. I am not sure if it was "Calling on you" or one of their other hit songs, but it was on the MTV countdown number 1 spot for weeks.

  3. i love my metal, but i also a believer in christ.i got turned on to them in the 80s .who says u cant sing about christ and rock at the same time.its a beautiful compromise, isnt it?.

  4. Definitely the song and solo must be in the world greatest classic top 10, it is adictive when you listen the solo part and feel those goose bumbs in every single note. Here is a prove that you dont need to be a satriani, vai or malmsteen to do this……..a master piece. Just AWESOMEEEE. Hands down!!!

  5. I love Stryper, I'm not big into the 80's glam scene by any means but if it wasn't for bands like Stryper, we wouldn't have the positive bands i listen to today like As I Lay Dying and Impending Doom. Thank you guys we owe it to you!!!!!!!

  6. Tolerance? Jesus did not endorse sin. He told the prostitutue what – Go and sin no more. He also kicked people out of the temple who made it into a shopping mall. Jesus loved others and treated them with respect, but He did not really tolerate sin.

  7. dude, I'm a Christian, and I highly disagree with people who spread hate supported by their belief. Jesus spoke about tolerance, respect and Individual Freedom, way apart from what the Vatican and most Churches act like.

  8. @pf008 Dude not all Christians are like that. It's so stereotypical to go off an say "Christians hate me because I'm gay". Not all Christians hate gays. I don't have a problem with them. And it's not just Christians who hate gays, many people hate them

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