Steve Reich "Music for 18 Musicians" -Section IIIA

“Music for 18 Musicians-Section IIIA” at Opera City Concert Hall in Tokyo, May 21,2008.


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  1. as much as i love listening to music with my eyes closed, i think watching this piece being performed is just as gratifying. this piece is as much a physical test as it is musical, and at about 1:20 you see the hands and mallets moving in sync with each other, and it looks like a machine. phenomenal.

  2. Music for 18 Musicians, for 4 female voices & 16 instruments
    Performed by Steve Reich & Musicians

    At the close of the 1970s, The New York Times declared Steve Reichs Music for 18 Musicians one of the ten most important works of that decade. But the passage of time has proven that inaccurate.

  3. It is repetitive but it is also changing. Just a little each time round. It is hard music to appreciate as it is different and will take few listens to tune your ear to. I promise you when you do get it you will love it. Coffee is good to stay awake. I like to listen to this music when played live with my eyes closed sometimes . It adds more dimension to this music without the distraction of all those musicians squirming on stage trying to play it in tune and in time.

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