Stephen A. discusses player meeting after NBA postpones playoff games | SportsCenter

Stephen A. Smith joins SportsCenter to discuss the details that led to the Milwaukee Bucks boycotting their Game 5 matchup against the Orlando Magic, leading to all three playoff games Wednesday being postponed. Stephen A. also recaps what was discussed in a meeting inside the bubble, which included a vote to keep playing or not.

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  1. If LA lakers and clippers will not play the playoff games they will be forfeited and opposing team will win and probably become an nba2020 final champ…

  2. I would watch The Montreal Canadiens every Saturday night. A big bag of chips with dip, and three beers. You know what I am talking about. That was about 25 years ago. It was 25 years ago because the players decided they would go on strike because they didn't like their pensions. Being paid big bucks to love what you do. Best health plan. Great food. You retire at 30ish and then hit the golf course when you are not building them or something else, or broadcasting or something else you like. For the rest of us most days we are wondering: "where it will all end."

    Now the NHL says, along with the NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, etc.,etc., etc.

    "Dear Everyone,

    "You must believe as we do and think as we do or we will take sports away from you and make your worthless lives even more miserable.

    Your Friends,

    The NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, MASCAR, XFL" (Yes it's true – even before it maybe starts up again)

    I guess you'll all need to decide just how much you want to bend over and to "TAKE IT." I think we've all had just about enough of people brainwashing us, and our kids, our seniors, our friends and all our family. Haven't we? Trust me on this: by the time you stop being really pissed off with these people the bond between you will be broken. And you won't miss it. I know this because as I write this I realize that even though Bob Gainey will always be "my guy", this is the first time thoughts of him have been in my mind for at least 15 years. Certainly not worth being made these people's "boy." Guess it's up to you.

  3. How about if these rich & super rich (1% elites) Black men in all entertainment & sports put their $$$ together & build brand new Black communities & education institutions? Nope they won't!!!

  4. And now minisota is rioting over a black guy why shot HIMSELF in the head. 2020 has been the biggest red pill for all you normies. Are you all figuring it out yet? The left is playing you!

  5. How does boycotting the playoffs help or solve anything?
    How does "protesting" a.k.a rioting help or solve anything?
    He didn't even die so what is being protested?
    This is just the new fad, humans have already started degenerating.
    Jacob Blake had an arrest warrant for sexual assault, domestic abuse
    He resisted arrest and had a knife in his car
    Even his mom debunked the racism agenda

    People eat up propaganda so easily and are too stupid to realize media is trying to create a race war. Pathetic humans already degenerating

  6. I'm still confused as to why they are so upset? It as if they can't separate race from facts. I understand how people can be angry with racism and police brutality but is there any room for justified force? I read that this guy had an open warrant for his arrest. The police were called for a domestic dispute, he had a history of resisting arrest and he did just that, then he throws off cops, the taser didn't work and he reached into his car to grab his knife.

  7. Nba players have no conviction. A one day boycott is a joke. The good life is too sweet. And the wnba looks foolish following these men. Not a good look for feminism. So will wnba continue their boycott or they will once again follow the men

  8. Wasn’t Stephen A Smith just calling Kyrie self centered and dumb for even offering the idea of not playing in solidarity with everything going on? Now that Lebron is on board he changed his tune. Get off his jock, bro

  9. I hope it all goes out of business so that these overpaid, sanctimonious, pseudo prophets will learn the hard way that they should have never believed what their "yes men" were telling them when they said it was also part of their job to guide people morally. You are fortunate enough to get paid obscene amounts of money to play sports. You're not role models. You could be, but you're not. I don't take my life advice from a group of people that are not in touch with reality and make no effort to understand said reality before bleating like sheep to gullible masses. I would say that you should be ashamed of yourself, but I suspect that you have someone on staff that will pat you on the head and tell you you're smarter than everyone else

  10. The Golf League needs to join the boycott before our impeached, incompetent president will pay attention. You have to hit the puppet where it hurts. His wallet. Tried to leave this thought with Fox News and The Hill but of course their comments are turned off.

  11. I do not support racism therefore I will never support BLM. Until they learn the definition of racism and hypocrisy their crys and demands mean nothing to me. I'm half white and half native, BLM has not the slightest clue what discrimination is. They are an embarrassment to their race, culture and humans as a whole. BLM is copying almost exactly what the Browmshirts did in 1930, but they refuse to actually get informed which is why we are repeating the darkest days in earth history.

  12. It didn't give Lebron a chance to be the face of it ESPECIALLY after being the main one to advocate for the restart. Basically, it looks like he's on the wrong side of history.

    Bucks pretty much doing what Kyrie wanted AFTER he got dragged by the media (and Klutch, quite frankly w/Kendrick Perkins) for doing so.

    The best player on the best team canceled the season, unilaterally…and it wasn't Lebron. History will definitely be interesting in recalling this.

  13. Healing isn't based on another person's suffering. Meaning, when you have athletes stiring the pot creating drama and divide. It divides further and never truly gets down to the issue or problem. I challenge high profile individuals demanding change to sit down and calmly have a conversation expressing you're concerns. I repeat, rioting and looting your American communities are not going to help heal or address the problems at hand. In fact, looting, rioting etc. brings chaos to communities and suffering to locals and their businesses, I say now, healing is not based on another's suffering. Does rioting/looting communities out of retaliation bring you joy? If yes, then I have nothing left to say. But know that there are other ways to make your feelings known. This is further dividing us and creating a new narrative one that shadows the real issue. Getting a solution requires hard work, it requires in depth conversations until then the issue will never be fully addressed.

  14. I hope this is not another case just like floyd where the aggressive approach was completely called for. Not the killing but the approach was necessary. This guy that got shot "unarmed" doesn't mean he wasn't being aggressive. It doesn't mean he wasn't being called on because he had already assaulting other people, and most importantly it doesn't mean when he got shot he wasn't trying to reach for a weapon. To just blanket statement say he was unarmed and shot is not a clear sign of police brutality nor racism. BLM which is slowly turning into a terrorist group is now inciting black people to be even more bold because they think they will either get more leeway or be a martyr for the black community… It's pretty clear black people are the reason why black people are so called "suppressed" and now they are just exaggerating their victimization even further… And of course you get a bunch of athletes that read a headline of "unarmed black man shot to death" and you get boycotts… Honestly makes them look really immature and uneducated. Would they feel the same way if for example the guy was called on because he was beating people up including children and was given 10 opportunities to give up. He then eventually went to reach for a possible knife or gun and that's why he was shot. Would these athletes still stand by his side?

  15. Terrell Owens was right about Stephen A Smith. Do people remember that seems like ESPN really controls his tongue. His stance in boycott sounds very contrary to what he said yesterday on air. CLOWN!!!!!

  16. The NBA don't matter anymore . Bunch of drama queens kneel during anthem . Commie BOOTLICKERS is all they are . They ain't nothing compared to 80s basketball

  17. If this is such a serious movement why not have a complete blackout all sports broadcasting stations teams xcetera just stop coming into work. Shut the ESPN network down completely. I bet you won't see that happen

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