RTX 2080 VS GTX 1080TI VS GTX 1080 – Gaming Benchmark Comparison

Recently NVIDIA Official released the results of the NVIDIA RTX 2080 GPU benchmark in some games, at 4K HDR resolution. In this video we compile the benchmark results with GTX 1080/ti’s results in the same game, to see the comparison between GTX 1080/ti and RTX 2080.

Comparison of this benchmark can’t be said to be 100% valid, because we don’t know the testbed used by NVIDIA, also the setting in the game, NVIDIA only said 4K HDR.

Comparison of benchmark results is taken from Guru3D and GamersNexus (ME: Andromeda), using an anti-bottleneck designed testbed, all games running at 4K resolution with highest settings.

There is discussion of this comparison @reddit :

RTX 2080 benchmark slide with context from nvidia

All game trailers belongs to their respective developers.

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  1. подкрутили в дровишках быстро фпс, плюс сравнение референсной 2080 которая имеет намного лучше охлаждение по сравнению со старой реф 1080

  2. Guys I have a RTX 3080 Ti at home alredy too 😀 With new trayRacing technology you can play need for speed underground 2 with realistic simulation of life! 🙂 Benchmarks coming soon 😀

  3. This is what faster memory gets you in a 4k benchmark. And we have to notice here that HDR also is a performance hit on Nvidia Pascal GPUs which may changed on Turing.

  4. these benchmarks are fake as fack lol, you're comparing like 4k medium settings for 1080 and 1080ti to maxed settings for the 2080 and half your numbers even then dont add up with the numbers nvidia released. Just look at d2, it averages around 58fps on a 1080ti, not on a 1080

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