Playing for Data: Ground Truth from Computer Games

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Playing for Data is a research project by
Stephan R. Richter*,
Vibhav Vineet*,
Stefan Roth,
Vladlen Koltun,

* authors contributed equally

To appear at the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) 2016


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  1. Hey if this research is successful, this could also be use in military field as well right? and im talking about robots, you just load the AI on the game vs human, the goal for the human is to shoot and kill the AI then the AI will learn from its experience and boom!!!

  2. i assume with a little bit of modding in the game itself you can assign custom flat shaded shaders with assigned colors to lists of objects (vegetation, walls, cars, etc) and basically render these annotations real-time. in fact, the engine already sort of does that in the rendering pipeline for things like DOF and what not 🙂

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