PARTHICA – Core Gaming Keyboard

The PARTHICA Core Gaming Keyboard lets you optimise your response speed, accuracy and stamina. The soft wrist rest, non-slip rubberised finish and height adjustment offer maximum comfort. The clearly labelled gaming and arrow keys , anti-ghosting and 6-key rollover technology ensure you keep control even when things heat up. The impressive configuration software with its 5 profiles offers hardcore gamers a host of different settings: have the LED key illumination glow in 3 atmospheric colours and effects, optimise the keyboard´s overall performance and reassign key commands to suit the way you game. And as it´s easy to create complex macros, you can secure yourself incredible in-game advantages plus optimise your personal gaming style.


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  1. Frage: Kann ich die programmierbaren Tasten auch mit Funktionen für die Erleichterte Bedienung – zum Beispiel Bildschirmlupe – oder mit selbsterstellten Windows-Designs belegen?

  2. I have this keyboard. 1. The paint or the skin of it wears off after a few months. 2. It gets really loud after 3 weeks or so. 3. I dunno, I'll say that, urm. It's fine apart from those two things? 4. I messed up the profiles by pressing fn + f1 and then the color changer key so now It's in a different layout D:

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