Overwatch Summer Games 2020 | August 4 – 25

The Overwatch Summer Games are back! ☀️

Grab your beach ball and join the fun in Overwatch Summer Games 2020. Earn new summery rewards like Sand Castle Bastion (Epic) & Surf’s Up Echo (Legendary) and return to the field in Lúcioball Remix.
Lúcioball, our futuristic spin on soccer, is back with a new twist. We’ve done some construction work on our Busan and Sydney arenas, and we’re kicking a curveball your way with Lúcioball Remix! In this faster, more chaotic version of Lúcioball, two balls are in play and bonus balls worth extra points will periodically spawn around the arena.

Don’t miss out on the fun – Overwatch Summer Games ends on August 25.
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  1. Just some suggestions, but what if you had archery implemented in the summer games. Like you shoot flying disks as Hanzo and it gets really crazy tricky or something. Or a sort of randomized obstacle course/races so people can have fun using the T-racer and Daredevil skins if they have them. Then after a few other game modes you can have a single mode called "summer games Competition" where it's like the Olympics. Once the season is over and players hop on the game, they can be presented the top 3 Players along with a custom made skin for the 3 players of any one Hero they used in the summer games.

  2. Please fix you dc problem on Consol. Ever time I dc because my WiFi cuts out I get suspended. it’s crazy how this is still a thing I was planning to play for a while but on my second game I dc and now I can’t play for 2hrs. guess I’ll play another game

  3. @PlayOverwatch In regards to the new Moira changes.. Just give Moira a damage orb and heal orb, on separate cooldowns. Everything else may be fine. The shield disruption is likely unnecessary, on top of all the other nerfs, but hey.

  4. Diyng game. You , Blizzard, have a great talent in create fantastic games and then kill them with your changes. You basically took from the game things that made the game interesting and different from everything else. But you will nor realise it untill more people leave and this will happen very soon: you want to make this game an fps but this game just cant be that way and be interesting, and during past months a lot of fps games has been released and they are much better fps than ow (anarea, rough company, apex, valorant) and if people want to play an fps game they will chose those games and not ow. You litteraly make 0 sense

  5. This new meta is atrocious. Just take out support and healer. All the one shots, all the hog players. It's not fun to play, and if it's not fun to play no one's going to care if it's fun to watch because no one will be playing it

  6. how is possible that 100% of cases after a win you get an horrible team that will make your playin impossible? Maybe some really well made code to scam customers. You know overwatch team is always ready to get your money and scam your loyalty, they don't realize they do it, because they live that way. Jeff you will pay

  7. blizzard ex employee: "they will systematically manage people out, leaving just enough room for interpretation to discourage employees from suing them. And if there is a lawsuit they will make sure to keep it a secret instead of tackling problems. I used to love to work there, but it's been getting worse and worse over the recent years. Especially the HR department has a very disrespectful und unprofessional manner and plays power games. Which may be as per instruction by higher management." Truth out bullies !!!

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