Nokia 8.3 – the only gadget you need

New gadget incoming! 🔥👌 Discover how 00 agent Nomi keeps on mission with the Nokia 8.3 5G; the only gadget you need to get the job done.


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  1. Hey Nokia people…atleat be honest with your customers….using Nokia 7.1 since 1 year..hanging issue,fast charging stopped,now automatically switching off while using camera and during calls..
    Speaker cut off when using high volume…

    Updates dont change anything…

    Do something on it..lost trust on NOKIA…..

  2. I have nokia 8. Just after 2 years it broke. It keeps restarting unless I plug in the charger. Have to turn off bluetooth, wifi and 4G to use the phone if I want to use it without plugging in and then also I can't open any heavy app otherwise it will restart again.

  3. They need to foccus on INDIA market.. If they lead here again, there shares will increase like anything.. This is tge right time because of INDO – CHINA.. issues..
    All the best Nokia.. ♥

  4. Nokia is Worst Android mobile
    I'm using Nokia 3.1 Plus since last year, when the phone got Android 10 update I can't get notifications of my Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, The Hindu, The Indian Express,… etc.
    All though I had updated my phone twice in the Nokia Care and I have pay for it.
    Worst service, please don't buy It.
    It can't get notifications from third party application.

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