Next-Gen Consoles Will Save Broken Games – This Week In Gaming

Analysis of current-gen games running on next-gen hardware is promising
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LevelCap’s Lego Channel:


Amazon to stop developing its free-to-play shooter Crucible

The Apex Legends Cross-Play Beta is Now Live on Xbox, PS4, & PC


Weapon Stats:

Computer Hardware:
Acer Monitor:
Headphones ATH-700X:



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  1. 0:00 Intro
    0:14 Turbulent week for COD Franchise
    1:22 Insurgency: Sandstorm major update
    3:20 AMD reveals next gen Ryzen CPUs
    4:27 Amazon kills Crucible on November 9th
    4:54 Apex Legends crossplay beta live
    5:36 Assasins Creed Unity runs at locked 60fps on Xbox Series X
    6:22 PS5 boosts performance on PS4 games
    6:54 Valorant is getting a new map and a new hero
    7:25 The Outer Worlds coming to Steam

  2. What was left out from Level's explanation on the 60Fps fix on Series X was that it is rare to acquire the 60fps build of unity because you need the disk version and the day one build of the game, no other versions.

  3. Well, I guess by the time we built a Matryoshka Brain near one of nearby stars most current gen games will finally become playable. I can already picture AI's being capable of writing actual story and dialogues and replace what the games initially had being all the rage. Oh, and sweet final ability to play Skyrim/Fallout 4 with all the mods and populated settlements:D

  4. The AUG in insurgency does NOT fire at 1,000+ rounds per minute. It's more like the normal 600-700. Though the game's very lethal design makes all weapons useful, and nothing overtly stronger than another within reason.

  5. I upgraded? from an Intel i7 2.8GHz to a AMD Ryzen 7 3.0 GHz and I am going back to the Intel chip. All I did was change my MB and CPU and the performance has been terrible. I used to be able to run multiple apps at once and have no or very little performance drop but with the Ryzen I have to be very carefull on what I do as it will almost stop what I am doing and require a restart. I used to be able to copy a DVD and move the previous file while copying but now if I try to move a file the ripping program will have an error. I used to be able to run 3 apps of my ripping program with a little bit of time increase but now if I try and run 2 apps at once it doubles the time to run both whereas before I could run 3 and have about a 15% increase in time . Don't get me wrong while the system is running one app it is fine and is slightly higher performing than the old Intel chip but as soon as I open another app it shits itself. I run CADCAM on my computer and to say I am not very impressed with how the chip works would be an understatement.

  6. the last thing we want is last gen games example, 6 more years of GTA5 (ouch)
    Imagine No Mans Sky 2 with Nex Gen graphics, nice animation, new dynamic ideas implemented, and more than what was promised for 1. Yeah… it sounds like a dream. (Someone is going to make a NMS 2, i hope Hello does it first)

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