My ULTIMATE RTX 3080 Gaming & Video Editing PC Setup Tour! | The Tech Chap

Late 2020 setup tour with ASUS TUF RTX 2080 Upgrade for my $5,000 Editing & Gaming PC! 👉 Get Surfshark VPN at – Enter promo code TECHCHAP for 83% off and 3 extra month for free!

My Setup (Amazon paid links): 👇
TV –
GPU – US: l UK:
CPU – US: l UK:
Mobo – US: l UK:
RAM – US: l UK:
SSD – US: l UK:
AiO – US: l UK:
Case – US: l UK:
Headset – US: l UK:
Chair – US: l UK:

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  1. All looks pretty good perhaps mount the CX on the wall won't look quite as big and have plenty of desk space . Go Yammy 3080 9.2 for home theatre in wall ceiling Atmos and dump the Sonos ?

  2. I think you're too close to the monitor and that's why you're getting headaches, Cant you back up a little? Im buying the same 48" OLED and I will be 44-48" away from the front of the screen while gaming….Thanx for the video

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