Music, Music, Music – Teresa Brewer

This is from a Sander Telescription. I took it from a VHS. Please contact me if you know how to get this on DVD.


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  1. My mother was for young to enjoy this one. She was born in 1944,but in 1950 when this come out she don’t understand englis so she like the version by Sølvi Wang and Arve opshal who was very popular here in Norway. My mom past in 1990. I miss her every day

  2. an older guy hummed this song and I asked him about it he told me look it up…It made me emotional because The elderly have watched this generation deteriorate so much that Music, musicians are being forgotten… .Notice how we Always refer to 80's or before to the good old days..Where music is concerned..Glad I looked it up..

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