MGK reacts on Eminem's "Music To Be Murdered By" album

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  1. If he rlly thought it was trash, he wouldn’t have said a single thing. I think he’s just insecure. Eminem is someone I’ve listened for Idek how long bc my dad has always had an Eminem album but I probably first heard him when I was maybe 7. If I go around and ask ppl if they have listened to Eminem, the majority of ppl will say Yessss. But if I ask someone if they’ve ever listened to MGK, they will say “MGK?” And then I’ll have to say “Machine Gun Kelly” and most ppl would say “I’ve heard the name before.” Bc all of his real fans are emo 7th graders.

  2. He should be happy Em keeping his name alive and Shady at least gave him some sort of props with the line "For adversaries that are worth it I carry big guns, them targets they get the Killshot others I barely Nick them"

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