LOOK BOTH WAYS Radioactive Chicken Heads music video

This is a public service announcement with guitars…. Look both ways before crossing the street! This song just might save your life.

Directed by Sara Aliza Mossman. Filmed at Bedrock.LA

Originally filmed for “The Amateur Treasure Hunter Episode 19: Why did the Chicken Cross the Universe?” Watch the full episode here:

Look both ways before crossing the street
Or get better acquainted with the concrete
Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get the other side
But it didn’t watch out for oncoming traffic
And it got hit by a teenage driver going for a joyride
Sent him on up to that big chicken coop in the sky
So look both ways before crossing the street!

#radioactivechickenheads #lookbothways #punkrock


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  1. Pest control is my favorite song puke boy Bird brain greasy chicken pesky rooster wicking chicken Ragan Robin rankings your game sex ed lips carrot top that little robot and yeah oh yeah play with yellow Cherry tomato Passafire Bowmaster RCH in your face love you Cluck you

  2. Am, I don't get it. Have Psyclops left the band? 'cause, you know, he was larger (I mean he wasn't thin), and he's a lefty. In this clip Psyclops is thin, tall, an right hand.

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