Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard Review

Hey guys, this is the Logitech G105 gaming keyboard. I bought it for about 60 dollars, some online retailers have it for less.



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  1. And it works with Windows 10 Enterprise (tested and working on my own PC).
    It's a great keyboard, I love mine paired with a G502 gaming mouse, the software controls both and all the lighting and macro optoins and all the custom stuff for both devices, I prefer mine to match, so those two work really well together.

  2. I've had the G105 for a few years now. It is a great keyboad. I've tried my brother's Razer keyboard and I like this one better. The keys are quiet when typing, which is nice compared to the Razer one, which every key sounds like you fired a .22 rifle in your room. Plus, the G1-G6 keys on the left side are really nice for when you're gaming and want to change some controls to them. One thing, though, is don't let it get too dirty. Don't spill any drinks or anything on the keyboard or the keys will easily get sticky, and that just gets annoying. Keep her clean and I think It's a great keyboard that is just as good as any $100+ keyboard.

  3. What i love about this keyboard is the next:
    Where i can buy it it's for 35 U$D with shipping! PRETTY CHEAP!
    What it offers: Lighting, macro keys (or g-keys), anti-ghosting (6 keys at the time for 35 U$D it's pretty good!), game mode switch, instant media access and that fits perfect for small desktops

  4. Just caught this at a Radio Shack Clearance Sale 70% off….13.40 out the door… I like it. The keys are a bit small and takes some getting used to but once I did it has been working out great….mac keys are very convenient in games as well as work stuff. still trying to figure out how to use the red labeled media keys…there's no red fn button or anything so…..

  5. am im the only one that have issue with the "W" key on this keyboard. I need to press the "W" very hard and its really annoying when you just let go a little bit from it in a game and you stop moving.

  6. Thank you i have the g710+, and i always had that problem that i cant press windows key because i thought that joystick button were for somekinda controllers, now i know

  7. 3 questions

    1- is this keyboard good for pressing many keys at once? like holding both shift + holding pressing every letters works? I mean 1 letter at once with shift

    2- f1 f2 etc all seem very small…are they? seems kinda bad for games like sc2

    3- are the macro keys annoying when u play games where u need to press CTRL alot with your pinky, cuz it seem like you could press macro key by accident

    4- how do u use macro keys

    lmk thanks 

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