LGD vs FNC | Worlds Group Stage Day 2 | LGD Gaming vs Fnatic (2020)

2020 World Championship Group Stage Day 2 #Worlds2020

LGD Gaming vs Fnatic

LGD Gaming Line up:
• Langx – Top Ornn
• Peanut – Jungle Kindred
• xiye – Mid Ekko
• Kramer – ADC Miss Fortune
• Mark – Support Nautilus

Fnatic Line up:
• Bwipo – Top Sett
• Selfmade – Jungle Graves
• Nemesis – Mid Syndra
• Rekkles – ADC Jhin
• Hylissang – Support Thresh

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  1. in 1v1 bwipo is a freaking monster once he joins team fights he is a supper clown like OMG how stupid his moves become .. and for the love of GOD stop giving fucking grave to selfmade he never won on it not even once lol why do they keep repeating the same mistakes and first dragon every team starting to realize 1st dragon is a free kill in FNC match's … overall bad performance from FNC .

  2. looking shaky af tbh for fnc, both games they go beyond 30 mins and just seems like no plays being made. LGD is rly good at playing slow but this game it rly seems like FNC let them scale more than anything else.

  3. Pretty even game, but the fight at 42:00 was too one-sided. You shouldn't lose a fight that hard when the gold is that even. Bad setup, bad positioning, and bad target selection. Jhin pulling the Nautilus ulti to knock everyone up while they sit in MF ulti and get flanked by Ekko, what a shit show for FNC and great plays by LGD. I think if Bwipo didn't tunnel so hard, maybe it could have gone better. Or if Rekkles had flashed so his team didn't get knocked up. But really, why flash in to ult Ornn just to stop his ult when you could use it to peel or focus a carry? MF and Ekko were untouched, I don't think stopping Ornn's ult was that much of a priority, but it seems anytime someone sees Ornn ult and has a counter to it, they feel like they must use that counter. Like Braums who use their shield backwards to stop the first charge, then don't have shield to block any incoming damage from the other enemy champs. Just seems extremely derpy to get jebaited by Ornn's ult that way. Bwipo derping hard.

  4. I know, its too early to predict who comes out in this group but still hoping FNC comes out.
    On another note Nemesis Syndra on stats alone has more losses on game stage even Rekkles can pilot that champ better. Nemi champ pool is starting to dwindle in relevance.

  5. 41:48 Very good teamfight from part of LGD. Peanut was irrelevant, though, stayed way behind, he used Q to "dodge" Ornn's ult 42:02, funny, it's the same team! Most LGD players used so well their ultis, Xiye didn't even have to use it. Langx very good initiation, 2nd R was denied, Mark used it on Jhin, CCing 4 of them, Kramer followed it with his, taking the health of 2 of them. Xiye flanked at the right moment, deleted Syndra and his Q went in direction to Jhin to CC him, only (unimportant) mistake Xiye did was using late his flash (Thresh's wall). Can't say the same about FNC ultis, they were bad (Sett), did nothing important (Graves and Thresh), couldn't even use it (Syndra) or they didn't have it (Jhin).

  6. Vedius this game was so bad. His biased was way to prevalent, and he wasn't letting medic do his job. I honestly hope they take him off the cast after this, it was super unpleasant and unprofessional.

  7. lol is so boring to watch this pro games. Same champs picked over and over again, among 150 champs this "pros" pick maybe 20 every game. Dota is still king of esports.

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