Kirby Super Star Ultra – Heavy Lobster Music EXTENDED

OMG! YES! HEAVY LOBSTER FTW!!!! I’ve literally listened to this for an hour!


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  1. Weird thing to put in a comment section, but y'know how you could blind Heavy Lobster with the Paint ability?
    I remember when I was real little, I went to Joe's Crab Shack and they had some little dessert thing where you could paint a little Rice Krispie crab with strawberry flavoring and the like. I always ordered it, and funnily enough when I heard you could blind Heavy Lobster with Paint, I imagined myself when I was little when I just splattered flavoring all over my edible crab dude.

    EDIT: Spelling errors…

  2. Once day, Dr*ea*mland foods were stoles by King Dedede, so, Kirby were *a*dv*e*nture now!
    (Hey you! Stop st*o*l*e* that f*oo*ds!)
    (I dont c*a*r*e*!)
    Kirby was find foods.
    On the victims, Marx is back!
    Marx knew Kirby, they know Kirby!
    (Huh. They is a lot ability here, whats a lot enemys! And betw*ee*n mini b*o*ss*e*s, huh, and b*o*ss*e*s, huh.
    Hey! What's that noise?)
    (Its me! Marx!)
    Then, in sp*a*c*e*. They will def*ea*t Marx on DEEP SPACE 02.

  3. Okay, let's get this straight.
    This is my favourite normal boss theme in Kirby series. Why?
    You get so pumped up!
    You feel like you have to defeat it in time or you will DIE!
    You feel like a badass!
    You feel immortal!
    You feel like a lobster painter!

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