Kirby and the Amazing Mirror Music: Forest / Nature Area

Music: Forest / Nature Area
Source: Kirby and the Amazing Mirror


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  1. oh thanks man i forgot about Squeak Squad. it actually turns out i did have Mirror (after long hard hours of thinking.) i do agree though, this version is better!

  2. You know wants weird? I remember this song (or I just remembered it) and I think this song is only in this game but I don't remember playing or even owning this game. Maybe I lost it or soumtin

  3. Kirby was really like the first gameboy games I ever played. and when my parents said me and my brother could never play pokemon again i became Obsessed with kirby. I loved kirby I still do. Kirby nightmare in dream land- The first kirby game i ever played. Kirby Air Ride- My childhood lol i was pathetic those kirbys on city trial were like my only friends xD. Kirby and the amazing Mirror- I adored this game. All these memories brings a tear to my eye :')

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