Jelly Roll – Better Off Alone (ft. Mackenzie Nicole) – Official Music Video

Jelly Roll – Better Off Alone (ft. Mackenzie Nicole) – Official Music Video
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“Better Off Alone” Produced By: David Ray Stevens and Still Matthews
Official Music Video
War Dog | It Goes Up Ent. (Distribution)

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  1. Again I almost fell for him again JA, Goneaway,should be his name, she's in her 70's But I am better off alone, Thank you for the!Great music and heartfelt. He doesn't deserve me, I could be with whom ever, but ( I'm better off alone. See you in October Jelly Roll, Massachusetts. MLL&HR always 4life. She's a amazing strong singer. You both Rock this tune. Love from Maine.

  2. jellys music comes from his soul, you can feel it. i get goosebumps every song he makes. also i discovered Mackenzie like a week ago, damn shes awesome!

  3. I just found out you have two channels and it was hard as heck for me to find this video for real I've been looking for a few days and I seen an advertisement couldn't find it on the one channel you have I guess it's just like the TV channel of yours.

  4. I have played this song on repeat since the other day when it came out. Absolutely nailed but I have been feeling for the last few months. Now I feel like I can go through it and get out of it. Jelly roll and Mackenzie Nicole are magic together . Beautiful song . One love

  5. Not many artist have this kinda talent to jump from melody to melody. 10 years ago when my uncle twin showed me a video of a 10 minute free style I would have never thought you would have done this. But you have a changed.. your music changed, sounds like your heart changed.. for the better. I love the waters your testing I'm behind you and what ever decision you make musically. You are a genius bubba for real.

  6. Jelly Roll make a remix with only you singing it, she is to much. Your lyrics have helped me through alot but the rock is to much. I want to hear some pipes not the guitars playing over her voice. Its just to much plain and simple

  7. Fuck yeah, jelly delivered as always…. Haystack done stepped back out on the road he paived and dropped a new video… Hopefully stack and jelly will get back together and make something happen…. Jelly and stack always been my favorite, can't rank one above the other in my opinion…

  8. Jelly you hit point everytime. You sing the truest words. Words that everyone else is thinking but don't want to say. My 30 year old daughter just got out of prison it's rough especially since she watched me spend so much time there. Your music has really helped us connect for the first time in a very long time. So I just want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

  9. It's getting scary how close your recent songs are perfectly fitting my life in every way, I sent save me to my mom she said its like I wrote it. Bro I just recently found my faith and I'm praying for both of us and everyone like us! Much love and please dont stop you're music is really helping right now to make me feel like I'm NOT alone

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