Jean Michel Jarre – Music For Supermarkets Part 1-3

First three tracks from Jarre’s album “Music For Supermarkets”.
MFS part 3 was later used as “Fifth Rendez-Vous part 3”. Personally I prefer the MFS version.


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  1. "why won't this guy who bought it make a flac out of it?"Easy….he has the only copy, super valuable and is probably planning to leave it to his descendants. If he makes copies of it, its value instantly goes down.

  2. You'd think someone at the radio station had a tape running to record "the show" in as original (stereo) quality as possible. A pitty nothing better than this leaked.

  3. I'd get out of that store in a hurry, can't concentrate on my list. I think it's more like a shoppers' experience in the store. Play some other Jarre music in supermarkets and they'd never leave the store!

  4. 2 days ago, I finally decided to listen to this album for the first time; even though I'm a Jarre fan, I kinda left this album aside, mainly because of the title, thinking that it would be something like elevator music

    within the last 48 hours, this album is the only thing I've been listening to, instantly becoming my favorite album by anyone, regardless of the poor sound quality

  5. this is one of the best electronic MUSIC tracks ever released to this world.pure geniality. Jarre is a freakin GENIUS.cant get enough of this music, im obsessed whit it, i have to put this album to my ipod again…thanks for upping it here!

  6. @thejanitorssuccess This was writen by Jarre well before Doom.
    so I think you mean Doom sounds like this Piece of music.
    Any how If you don' like it! don't listen to it and fuck off

  7. @MacXpert74
    You are so right about it sounding like Rendezvous 5.
    I have a recording from the radio, it must be around 22 years ago now when I sat down with my 120 min BASF tape and recorded it!
    I transfered it to CD some time ago.

  8. Jarre is the number 1, anti-piracy hero. It is wonderful that he is able to stand up to the gang of pirates.

    recording one album, air it once on radio, sell the only copy to 1 person, and destroy master tapes. WOW. He is the techno answer to heavy metal guitar wreckers.

  9. It's interesting, that Jarre destroyed the master tapes from this record, but listening to the part 3 (6:36-9:59) it's clear he did keep all the Fairlight CMI samples and sequence files! It sounds virtually the same as Rendez-Vous 5.

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