Inventing Gimmicky Guitar Gadgets

Doing a spinoff on the very successful Samurai Guitarist series where he tries out gimmicky guitar gadgets. But instead I’m showing you all MY gimmicky ideas that never really became more than a prototype! Hope its atleast a tiny bit inspiring.

Samurai Guitarist:

Intro Background Music:
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Magpie Pirates

01:22 Pedalboard USB
02:19 Solar Expression Pedal
03:50 Magnetic Pick
05:35 Contact Mic Pick
06:30 Contact Mic Slider
08:35 Pick On A String..
09:24 Capo Opener
10:07 Fidget Fan


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  1. Sometimes the coolest stuff comes from the weirdest ideas. The magnet pick made a pretty cool sound, and makes me want to rip my poor bass apart to put like a whammy bar sort of thing but with a magnet being moved closer or farther from the strings, or maybe even running current the opposite direction on a pickup to manipulate the strings. Saw a lot of stuff that could be applied to a hurdy gurdy too, like the fidget spinner. Almost got a Misirlou thing going there!

  2. that solar panel pedal gave me an idea! a solar panel synth pad: different parts of the solar panel represent a sound or effect, and when light hits it, it's muted, and vice versa. so for example you could play it like a piano, but not even having to touch it! or maybe it could act as a theremin of sorts. the main caveats i think would be the direction of the light (fixable by using a lamp directly above) and i'm not sure if the power from the solar panel would be enough to run it…

  3. Another thing I used to do is put an output from the neck pickup and an input in series with the bridge pickup on my guitar. That allows you to do effects only on the neck pickup and then send it back through the clean bridge pickup. Probably the other way around would be a good idea as well.

  4. It's not so much a gadget, exactly, but I used to play with two paperclips attached across the high and low strings of my acoustic guitar at specific locations to do a kind of John Cage treated piano sound on guitar. I used to draw a line on the strings exactly where it should go with a marker.. Also interesting to just kind of hang a few of them on there. You should try it!

  5. Sometimes failed experiments are as interesting as successful ones.
    And putting them in a compilation video makes it easy to only talk about them as much as you need to without having to pad for time. I look forward to more videos like this one!

  6. What if you put 3 magnets on the fidget spinner, I think the spinning magnetic fields could induce some electromagnetic sorcery into the strings and mess with the pickups, could create weird sounds maybe ?

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