In dulci jubilo – Christmas Music of the 15th-18th Centuries

In dulci jubilo – Christmas Music of the 15th-18th Centuries
Osiander-Christum wir wollen loben schon 3:16
Lasso-Resonet in laudibus 4:00
Morales-Pastores, dicite 3:24
Guerrero-Oyd, oyd una cosa 2:28
Scheidt-In dulci jubilo 3:31
Agricola-Her, ich verkund’ euch neue Mar 3:15
Ockeghem-Alma Redemptoris mater 4:38
Eccard-Von Himmel hoch 2:46
Vulpius-Ehre sei Gott in der Hohe 3:00
Constantini-Pastores loquebantur 2:25
Anon. 18th c.-Noel 1:25
Bodenschatz-Joseph, lieber, Joseph mein 2:33
Buxtehude-In dulci jubilo 7:06
Praetorius-In natali Domini 1:23
Praetorius-Psalite 1:26
Paminger-Quodlibet: In dulci jubilo/Resonet in laudibus/Omnis mundus jocundetur 1:42
Praetorius-Est ist ein Ros entsprungen 2:51
Monteverdi Choir Hamburg / Jurgen Jurgens

This recording is to the best of my knowledge only available on an LP long out of print. While I have carefully removed clicks, pops, static and surface noise wherever possible, I have NOT used any radical equalization adjustments to do so.


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  1. Merry Christmas for everyone from Tokyo of the Land of the Rising Sun .

    Tokyo,s downtown area is gorgeously glowing in preparation for Christmas and New Year , and the street trees illuminations are gorgeous and luxurious .
    The faces of the people on the way to the winter preparation are illuminated by the illumination of countless street trees , and are full of joy .

    Which national are you watching this video ?

  2. Not meaning to complain, especially since you've made such a clean recording, but the times that you have listed are a bit of a mess. I think you might've just taken the song-length times from the back of the album sleeve and typed them out after their respective titles. But these are inaccurate for the purposes of a YT video, as they don't take into account the silence between tracks; and more importantly, they don't allow the functionality of the automatic links that are produced by YouTube when you type out the times. It should read something more like "Osiander-Christum wir wollen loben schon 0:00 … Lasso-Resonet in laudibus 3:17 … Morales-Pastores, dicite 7:19 … etc., THEN your viewers could click those time links and be taken directly (or very near) to the individual tracks, if for some reason they wanted to hear a particular one. The way you currently have it listed, your audience must add all of the minutes and seconds together, and figure in a second or two for silence between tracks, in order to, let's say listen to "Buxtehude-In dulci jubilo" (which is somewhere-ish around 36 minutes into the video, but you have it listed as 7:06, and therefore clicking on the link sends your audience to the end of "Lasso-Resonet in laudibus".

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