Improving Warden's Gadget – Monday Mailbox – Rainbow Six Siege

Today’s Mailbox I discuss trying to improve Warden’s gadget in Rainbow Six Siege.

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  1. maybe they should subtract the reinforced hatches from the reinforcement pool
    so playing on cafe you only have 8

    I would still love to reinforce hatches from below tho

  2. What do you think of a defence op with a bipod on their gun they would have a gun like the ak 74 or something with a big mag and any secondary will do anyway when the bipod is deployed and you start shooting a op the op getting shot at will suffer from something called suppression where the affected op will have a harder time controlling recoil and general movement i think this op would be good for countering quick peeking and reward people for figuring out sneaky spots what do think?

  3. I still think Valk needs the 1.5X, or a slight damage buff to the MPX (which would help both ops), because taking 7 damage to the chest past the (I think it was 9 or 13 meter mark?) Is insanely weak for a gun that lacks in everything, at least UMP has damage, and literally 0 recoil even with the long barrel.

  4. Give him a scanning effect like pulse, so that if you are using this ability to see drones etc through walls you have the downside of having a “scan” moving across your screen, they could also limit the distance he can detect gadgets, maybe around 20m?

  5. what about having a scan feature for his glasses to see gadgets? he has maybe 2 or 3 scans to locate gadgets for 3 seconds maybe? and it can only scan a small distance

  6. Next mailbox question

    Do you think siege on next gen consoles should have the tts? Console players are forced to deal with changes that pc players suggest on the new season while console players have almost no input to the changes due the fact we have no tts.

  7. I love the idea of making Warden a defender version of IQ. To balance it though I think it would have to be extremely limited range and you wouldn't be able to see attackers on drones. Being able to get free wall bangs on droning attackers would be straight broken. It still could be too strong, but I'd love to see it on the test server.

  8. They could make the drones lootable by attackers maybe. If your teammate gets shot with them in his pocket they could make it so you could interact with the body and grab them. That way you could sometimes get back dead teammates drones. Could be like it is with the phones on defense, where they get dropped.

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