=”Here’s a tutorial on how to install and run 3DS roms on PC using the famous and most stable out of all the three emulators of it’s kind: Citra. Moreover I will be showing where to download these 3DS Roms for free as well. Happy Emulating!”


This Narrated Tutorial Video will cover the ff:
-How to install and run the Citra Emulator
-The difference of Nightly and Bleeding Edge Builds
-The PC Requirements for Citra
-Where to find the 3DS Roms and Citra executables
-How to install and run the 3DS Roms on the launcher
-How to improve performance using the Launcher settings

Download the Emulator here:

Here’s the Rom website on where to download 3ds roms and citra games:

(I still recommend and implore the use of your own legitimately bought games then dump and convert them into 3ds roms)

Before having any inquiries or questions to ask of me, please refer to here:
and here:
(This will suffice with most of your gripes)

Citra Compatibility list:


Credits and Kudos to the official and unofficial developers of Citra
Support the development here:

Music by: Hammock – Sora

I hereby assert that this video falls under the laws of fair use and is made solely for educational and entertainment purposes as well promote awareness of the said content. All rights remain to their respective owners as mentioned in the Disclaimer/Credits portion above.

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  1. guys i figured out why sometimes the file isnt supported. you need to download the torrent program and let it download through that. If you need more help visit the faq on portal roms, or ask me questions about specific things

  2. If anybody is about to comment about not being able to do the full tutorial just because they got a torrent file, listen.
    If you come across a torrent file you need to chuck it into utorrent.
    If you don't have utorrent here's the link for the download: (make sure to get utorrent classic, not web)
    Then when you are done with torrenting the file, you should find a folder in downloads that is named after the torrent file, that's where the file(s) inside the torrent file are.
    Also if you think portalroms is malware, then you should reconsider you opinion and do research. If you look hard enough you could find out that it is 100% safe.
    Personally, I used a virtual machine to test if it was malware, the results for it being malware were not true (and not true I mean it is safe)
    Therefore, after all that, you and I can conclude that portalroms is not malware and it is indeed a good website for if you want to get the rom or iso file of your favorite retro game.

  3. Im trying to follow your walkthrough but when i tried doing this for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, or any pokemon games… i get Torrent Files from that exact same game site you showed, and they DONT show up in Citra. How do i Fix this?

  4. @Etriuswimbleton I have followed your instructions but when I download the rom all I getting in the download folder is a couple torrent files, their is no unzip file where you would find the rom so you can extract it. Please help

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