Gadget Trial

Some trailer for a game like Advance Wars.


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  1. l was talking about the Lord of the beast which is korean! Gadget trial is a japanese strategy game and not some visual novel. You should pay more attention before trying to make a reply.

  2. @Tascalirica l'm not surprised you don't know it, it's a korean game. The english version only exists because a few good guys kindly made a translation patch. You can see a video on youtube, it looks like Fire emblem in a way but in much better. Anyway, thanks for trying XD

  3. @Tascalirica Thanks but a few days after my last message here, l finally found a full-game link. l'm glad you answered to it though. Say do you know how to get The Lord of beast in English? l know it does exist since l saw it a long time ago but l couldn't find any downloadable link… Now that is a game l'd love to play.

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