Gadget Show GPS Test

The Gadget show test 3 sports GPS to find the best. Satmap Active 10 VS Garmin Colorado 300 VS Magellan eXplorist 600.


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  1. @sparkyinwa you are right, however, electronic (magnetic, not by GPS-position change) compasses actually work better when pointed downwards towards the closest pole, since the magnetic lines of the earth magnetic field have a 'dip angle'.
    With mechanical compasses its close to level (since they are made to hang horizontal) decreasing its dip to a few degrees, but also making it less sensitive the closer it is to the poles. Dip angle is about the same as lattitude, so for england 50deg.

  2. OMG! Hysterically yours! What a rollercoaster of shit! We are talking about GPS and enjoying outdoor and nature. What are you selling apart from nerve-wrecking, panicking psuedojournalism and editing follies?

    It is the last shit ever seen!

  3. The Colorado is useless. I was lucky enough to get my Garmin dealer to give me an Oregon in exchange of the Colorado. The Oregon line is brilliant and would probably have won this test?

  4. Having owned 3 different Garmins I am not surprised that he has such problems with it. All 3 have been badly thought through and for me, enough is enough. Also, you can't beat OS, so without it the other two will never compare.

  5. and right away, the colorado guy runs into the biggest problem with this unit. which is extremely short battery life when you're using controls and navigating screens a lot.

  6. The problem is that when he changed the batteries, he needed to re-calibrate the compass, otherwise it loses accuracy. I learnt this the hard way as well, but it is very easy to do, and once that's done, is spot on.

  7. No way I belive that the Garmin is that bad. Of course the device does not work if you DONT CHARGE IT before you leave. Wonder how the results have been if some of the others had it…

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