Gadget Friday – Port Adapter Kit

Drone Valley Port Adapter Kit

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In this first Gadget Friday clip I show you a set of 4 Port Converters that will help you convert any port on your computer or charger into another connection type. They are also very useful for quickly converting any cable you have into another style of connection for charging. I use these every day and thought you might find them a cool addition to your gear Thanks for watching and let me know if you’d like to see more of these Gadget Friday clips.

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  1. Those look handy, gonna have to pick up a set (and toss the Apple one in the trash. I would never own an Apple product, and don't know anyone that does.) I never charge anything using my laptop, it runs hot enough on it's own without drawing a couple extra amp out the USB port. I have several 6 port charging hubs for charging things, and a few power banks for charging things in the field.

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