Fortnite SKILL BASED Matchmaking – Is SKILL BASED matchmaking ALREADY in Fortnite?!

Fortnite skill based Matchmaking
Is skill based matchmaking already in Fortnite Battle Royale? Epic have announced previously that they intended to add skill based matchmaking in Fortnite, but they quickly followed up that announcement with another, suggesting they’ll take more time to think it through.

Recently though, rumours have heated up, suggesting that sbmm was introduced in Fortnite Season 3, but nobody was told. In this video, I explain what skill based matchmaking is, what impact it could have on Fortnite, and give the results of a little experiment I carried out to test to see if skill based matchmaking has indeed been added to Fortntie.

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So what do you think?
Is skill based matchmaking already in Fortnite?
Have you seen a difference in your games in season 3?
Do you want Epic to add skill based matchmaking to Fortnite?

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Fortnite Battle Royale has been free to play since 26th September 2017.

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  1. I will reconsider playing in this game again like that. I stopped playing because i was tired of dying without any kill because of some nolife. I don't like this game so much to play in it all the time, and i would like to have some chances to even play, not talking about winning.

  2. I honestly believe KD has alot to do with it, skins obviously has nothing to do with it. When i played quite a few games with my new account it didn't take long before i started facing as good / better players than myself. Maybe after 20 games or so, My KD on that character is around 3.5

  3. 150% its in this game and it's so dumb that it's in public lobbies. Made a new new account and got put with people who don't even build, had 6 kills with probably using 3 ramps. On my main account that doesn't exist, everyone is playing for end game, camping in 1by1s. Checked so many games so far of constant people above 3KD. Its actually tedious to just want to play and chill but having no choice but to face kids editing and playing like their life is on the line. I'd even go to say that the Arena Mode is actually less sweat

  4. maybe now they put skill based matchmaking, me and my friend die top 2 in 5 games in a row, all games with +10 people in small circles with black knights, streamers and guys with 10 kills…

  5. if you killed more people on your new account then surely the percentage of skin usage would be higher becasue you have encountered more players, this would also mean having more players as no skins on your new account would account for a smaller percentile due encountering new players. make sense?

  6. I'm pretty positive there is a background matchmaking because when I play after awhile of not playing or at the start of the day I do great, but the more I play, the worse I do

  7. okay well just saying but almost every single person who kills me has around 7-13 kills and whoever kills me get second or first every time. I watch 19 players after dying and all of them had 7-13 kills and all of them got at least top 3. I think there is level matchmaking or random matchmaking. because even though everyone (nearly everyone that is) that kills me is super high skill, but all in the same 5 levels. you can tell by the portrait.

  8. How mrr system works in Fortnite. New players play against everyone. Even those with high mrr who sits and play the game everyday… GOOD IDEA EPIC!

  9. I know this video is old or I'm late but either way I can definitely say there is NOT sbmm in this game. I pay enough ltm mods and fill to know that if I have 10-14 kills but my teammates have none….. yeah not so much sbmm.

  10. I mean I play against really good players and my friend who barely plays goes up against people who are obviously not at good at the game. He doesn't drop anywhere different than I do. I played one game at his house and I won it with ease..

  11. You think a better test might be to do poorly in games on purpose to lower your “ranking” maybe? Like, don’t just lose games. Using the states at the end of games, get terrible accuracy percentages, low structure/player damage. Just play badly, then after a couple games or maybe even more than a couple games, try playing on this account like you normally would and see if your scoring more wins than you did before you “deranked”

  12. I dont see why SBMM is a bad thing. Not a very good player myself and getting killed by people that are significantly better than me does not help me get better. I think the community backlash is better players concerned that they wont get their easy wins.

  13. You're reflexes weren't any faster on the new account. You played with noobs or unskilled players so you "played better". The skins mean nothing. Just means you were matched with people who have been playing for a while but aren't any good. I win about 1 out of every 10 games on my main account now, and around every 3 games on my new account. Skill based matchmaking exists wether you choose to accept it or not. Piss off.

  14. as a new player i can defenitely say it is not in. I played 20 matches and can say for certain that if it was skill based I wouldve gotten a lot more kills. You can tell when you are playing against someone thats new in any game pretty much. Your video was informative though thank you. It makes me feel less idiotic that i still get rekt as a noob because atleast im playing against other good players.

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