Ford Focus 2018 Review – What makes it a UK best-seller? – Car Keys

In this review, we take an in-depth look at the interior of the Ford Focus including its boot size, dashboard and back seats. We then run through performance, price and finish up with the all-important verdict – is the Ford Focus a good car?

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  1. I dont see the point in buying new cars anymore why should we they are tryin to stop us using them give it another couple of years and if the mos have there way it'll just be a paper wait NOTHING MORE

  2. They really lost their touch with that Focus….. the rear lights are supposed to be VERTICAL!!!! This has lost identity, and where does CarKeys find all these stunningly beautiful gals by the way!

  3. Worst car ive ever owened at 3000km the gearbox failed and ford cant source a gearbox? car is sitting in the dealer for the last 6 weeks and still no idea of when a gearbox is coming. Ford or the dealer wont replace the car. Forcing a customer to go to law to get their rights enforced very nasty from ford.

  4. Would love to see the ST and RS versions of these. I tested the Fiesta ST-Line and found that it wasn't quite as good value. As for the same price you could have all options. The price between ST line I tested and the baser ST was maybe £500. I know where I would rather spend my money. Great to drive tho, I would like to try the Focus tho.

    How/where do you get your cars. Ask the dealer or apply for press cars?

  5. Electric handbrake for me ruins this car. It removes choice when looking for a new car, being the removal of a major control.
    Now it's electronics and algorithms. Control is removed from the driver.
    If you look into the operation of these things, they're a bad idea.
    I don't understand why this is happening.
    Ford and others will lose sales because of this.
    If they had manual handbrake, they would lose no sales, so commercially it seems a bizarre risk to take.
    If car features are determined by customer requests, who on earth asked for these things? Millennials who are smartphone obsessed?
    I doubt if sensible people are demanding these horrible gimmicks, as they think a bit deeper about reality and consequences.
    My reasons are:
    1. Two friends with these can't cope. Operation is random. They are not in full control of their cars leading to stalling and jerky set off (Golf SV and Qashqai). Many firmware updates to try get the VW sorted, but it's still 'broken'.
    2. Control algorithms vary between car types creating confusion.
    3. Impossible for DIY repair
    4. Expensive garage fix (main dealer only)
    5. Personal experience of a hire car in France (Insignia). Manual in French. Experience was awful.
    6. Any hire car or pool car could have one of these and you don't know how to operate it. Note some even have 2 buttons.
    7. If you pass your test in manual handbrake car, why are you allowed to drive one with electric brake and vice versa?
    8. You are FORCED to unlearn years of instinctive use of handbrake and learn a new one.
    9. Complex. i30 manual: 2 pages for handbrake. 10 pages of unintelligible info for electric brake.

    This is not progress.
    Bring back the handbrake!

    Footnote. I understand new focus on the continent have manual handbrake…?
    Poor review, so much missed off. Check out OSV for in depth info.

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