First Take reacts to the NBA & other leagues postponing games [Part 1]

Watch Part 2:
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to the NBA and other leagues postponing games after players decided not to play in response to the police shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, along with other acts of social injustice.
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  1. I am so confused so they treated Jacob Lake like an animal? This fella who was breaking a restraining order, has several domestic violence charges… outstanding warrant. Resisting arrest, he was tased. The woman who called the police on him said he was acting crazy with her. So they were treating him like an animal? or was he acting like an animal? You need to talk to my black neighbor, who 78 years old. I think she would set you straight on this one.

  2. The unprofessinal and unrespectful attitude of the athletes who are supposed to be highly disciplined is vet unacceptable. If they want to support a protest why do they have to disrespect the FLAG of USA? The Flag which was hardly and greatly fought by the brave forefathers of America sacrificing their sweat, blood and life to earn freedom and stablished a country called United States of America with one precious Flag and Star Spangled Banner.

  3. Life doesn't stop for ANYTHING ever The Show Must Go On money has to continue running our lives its power above all does it have the power to stop death no are we using it to make that a reality of course we are your tax dollars have to go somehow some way doesn't matter if the continent 3 trillion in debt technically we are not we have the power to create money..for everyone

  4. NO PRO ATHLETE will change societal ills overnight . They are just not ESSENTIAL. The POLICE BLUE FLU has way more impact than any athlete boycott.

  5. The boss has spoken!!!

  6. Professional sports is all about money. This is just gonna hurt them in the end. Of course the players can walk away and say because of injustice. They rich already and they know they don't need this

  7. FRAUDS. NBA players like Lebron James live in mansions in White communities fully policed. They do not live in Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit in black communities with poor police response. Why? Who does Lebron truly fear ? The police or black people. The answer: black peoplel.

  8. Respect to all of the players when they chose not to play if they do not make those games up they will not get paid for them they literally put their money where their mouth is and if you can't respect that you know I respectful person

  9. "White America" is not standing idley by. Have you seen the "whites" in the protest marches? Bigotry breads bigotry. Cops have to stop killing blacks, as well as all people. It's going to take all of us to change this. Get involved. Run for office. Support those that push for equality and justice for all.

  10. He can change his mind. Why not? You know how many times you changed your mind? Ha. He f’up I guess but yeah… he changed his mind. So what. It’s not like he is POTUS messing up all the time.

  11. Police brutality? Ok, now what about black male brutality? These people need to think before they speak especially if you are trying to get people on your side.

  12. Players should just play. I don't care about their social and political ideas and beliefs. They are NOT our leaders. They are our entertainers. They think just because they are paid too much, that we value their beliefs. We don't. Just play and shut up

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