FBG Young -"Ain't Knowin' Yall" (Official Music Video)

FBG Young -“Ain’t Knowin’ Yall” (Official Music Video)

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  1. Damn I wish Duck just played it safe and moved at least to Indiana or something since its not far from Chicago smh now the GD side don't really have anymore charismatic personalities that makes u interested in what they have to say

  2. Yall really gotta step yall game up now, shit ain't the same without big clout, r.i.p. fbg duck been listening to him for 8 years and his style been evolving he was the best rapper in da chi, that boi was a super saiyan and he made a way for his team to eat, Aint no replacing the realest in the field ofn

    I just can't help but think where was they at when he got hit up ?smh man a nigga put me on like put money in my pockets like that I'm on his ass like white on rice! with 2 fully autos ready to catch cases if any nigga try they'd have died, shit is inexcusable, they pose to protect the president ofn

    And all this backdoor talk is really getting to my head too, i dont know if it's TRUE or not, like I ain't seen not one tear shed, shit i damn near cried a few times and I didn't even know him personally, shit really get to me he ain't releasing no new music back to back weekly, monthly shit he the only rapper I listen to daily fuck all them outtatown rappers I watched dude grow into the man he was

  3. What I am going to say is pure speculation, and just my opinion on Big Clout’s Death..
    It seems like all of his day 1’s have been real quiet, and have barely even mentioned Duck’s name let alone pay their respects.
    maybe they have gotten smarter & older. But none of them have said their gonna slide for Duck, or haven’t slid on their opps and it’s already been a few weeks.
    For example when Dooski died ( I know he was MOB not FBG, But similar situation) not even 24 hours later they got their lick back with Waldo. Maybe FBG is waiting till shit dies down, and also the Feds are in the Chi. But for losing their General they have not stood on business at all and it’s been a minute now.
    Lastly, Cash especially has been acting extra shady on his lives lately. They have to have read some of the comments by now.. why not just come out and dead all the back door speculation. And all of a sudden they have all this cash to flash in their videos. Why weren’t they flashing all this money before duck died (cuz they didn’t have it?) All their vibes seem like they are hiding something, and how happy they all have been. You would have never known they lost one of their day 1’s.
    I’m probably reading too much into shit, and completely wrong. But I know I’m not the only 1 that feels this way. And just want some shit cleared up, to put the back door talk to rest. Anyway rant over, and save all the negative shit talking comments. Because I wont bother responding.

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