Epic Inspirational Background Music for Videos

Purchase license for legitimate use in your Videos and Presentations here:
Inspiring & Powerful Epic Instrumental Music for Video & Presentation.
“Emotional Cinematic Trailer” is a perfect background music for Cinematic Teaser, Game, Speech, Dramatic moments, Documentary, Commercial, Church, Sport Motivation, Time Lapse or TV Advertising.
Music builds from pulsating atmospheric ambient into Powerful and Uplifring orchestral climax.

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● Can I use this music in my videos?

To use this music in your videos or media projects, you must first purchase a license from the link above.

● Doesn’t royalty-free music mean I can use it for free?

‘Royalty-free’ music is not the same as ‘free music’. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception on the internet, and especially here on YouTube.
Simply put, it means that royalties don’t have to be paid to the creator each and every time it’s used (ie. free of royalties); but instead, a one-time fixed fee is paid, which is via a license purchase.

● Do I have to buy a license for every video I make?

No, you only need to purchase one ‘regular’ / standard license in order to use it in all your videos on YouTube, forever. If you wish to use another song, then you’ll need to purchase another license for that song.

● The license is shown in US Dollars, but I live outside of the US?

You can purchase the license in your local currency, as this is converted to the equivalent amount during the payment process.


Video “Projecting Reflections” is produced by Preston Kanak.


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  1. I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw "epic" but I totally get it now. This music truly is epic. Just listening to it I'm thinking of the way similar music was used in some of my favorite movies

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