DWG vs JDG | Worlds Group Stage Day 1 | DAMWON Gaming vs JD Gaming (2020)

2020 World Championship Group Stage Day 1 #Worlds2020

DAMWON Gaming vs JD Gaming

DAMWON Gaming Line up:
• Nuguri – Top Camille
• Canyon – Jungle Nidalee
• ShowMaker – Mid Twisted Fate
• Ghost – ADC Jhin
• BeryL – Support Leona

JD Gaming Line up:
• Zoom – Top Volibear
• Kanavi – Jungle Lillia
• Yagao – Mid Jayce
• LokeN – ADC Ashe
• LvMao – Support Nautilus

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  1. dunno why but english casters are so much subpar compared to korean casters. English casters don't seem to comment beyond on whats happening in the game. They should be more like Korean casters and comment on strength and weaknesses of team composition, point out optimal strategic decision making, or even comment on the background and preferred playstyle of laners, etc

  2. if jdg picks morgana last instead of naut this game would be a lot closer. ashe morg is so oppressive due to poke and cc chains vs leo, jhin and also counters tf roams. Morg also has more magic damage than naut which is important because their only ap is lillia

  3. DON'T EVER LET QUICKSHOT CAST AGAIN. Since LEC to Play ins to now Groups, Quickshot's incredibly obvious implicit bias for certain teams (and of course EU and his Chinese paycheck writers) has been utterly insufferable. I'm not even from NA but at the very least those guys have a sense of impartiality and professionalism in their work. The EU casters in general and Quickshot in particular are fucking ridiculous in their biased casting and cringiness.

    Immediately after the game: instead of talking about the game, Quickshot immediately tries to pivot to how Rogue matches up. He does this ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Thank Ender for keeping things on track but your agenda is blatant and disgusting.

  4. well the moment I saw picks and bans, I knew who would win. SPOILERS:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lillia and Jayce have been huge bait picks so far. What is Lillia's win rate at this point? like 15% or something? Clearly these teams see something in that pick but at the very least, none of the teams have been executing on it or it is really hard to execute on it. I really do not want to see Lillia prioritized anymore this worlds

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