CUSTOM Gaming Mechanical Keyboards Are Getting BEYOND CRAZY

A brief explainer on mechanical keyboards, their rise in popularity in PC gaming, and how ‘Holy Pandas’ are changing the game. Sources below. Subscribe for …


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  1. It's normal. Keyboard is just like every other hobbies (Shoe, knife, car, phone, ccg, clothes, board game, …). If you dig deep enough, you will find the rabbit hole. Just don't get inside … it's costly. Make the most use of what you have and be happy with it, or else, you will just buy a tons of stuff you will never use or too afraid to use.

  2. I looked around a month to build myself one, there is no board that answers what I ask from a keyboard, I compromised for razer one, still sad about it but at least I got enough keys on my keyboard now

  3. I don't even have a PC yet but I've always wondered if there could be a way to implement a mechanical switch to make keys loud and clacky or soft and quiet. When I'm by myself, I absolutely love the sound of keys clacking and the feeling of feedback from each key, but when it's late, that is simply not an option as I have other people in my house trying to sleep and we have really thin walls. I wonder if there could be a way to place a switch on the side of a keyboard that could act similar to the felt rise on a vibraphone so at the switch of a small lever, your keys could go from loud to really quiet. Does anyone know if this exists already?

  4. I'm using a relatively cheap flat keyboard. I can't stand these raised mechanical ones with the protruding keys, my fingers can get stuck between them when quickly sliding across the surface, slowing me right down. With flat keyboards you don't need to raise your fingers, and the travel distance for keys is very short – the two add up to a much quicker response time.

  5. I think something you missed out on mentioning is just how damn satisfying good switches sound. If i'm sitting at a desk 8 hours a day at a computer I might as well make it more satisfying. it's why there are so many typing sound tests and reviews out there. I'd say that's even more important than how the board looks.

  6. im really interested in this, but i cant do anyhting with it since its so rare to find keycaps or pcbs (anything at all) that has my countries layout, once these companys start to care about ISO and all of EU thats when this will go big, rn 90% of the keycaps are for ANSI keyboard layouts

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