Chiliad – Gaming's Greatest Mystery

Grand Theft Auto 5’s Mount Chiliad has been a mysterious location since the game’s launch in 2013. However, over the years the mystery of Mount Chiliad has …


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  1. This was a bit of a side project that took a tiny tad longer than expected to finish (oof). Next video will probably be Skyrim (or maybe Fallout 4).

    Some Notes –
    A huge shoutout it owed to r/chiliadmystery, the Subreddit where most of the community had congregated to investigate. If you’re interested, I highly encourage you check it out to learn more. They have some great resources for beginners!

    Game file gurus also did incredible work thus far and are responsible for the majority of our recent discoveries, give their YouTube channel a subscription and website a peek as they’ll surely be the first folks with any updates.

    I was unable to fit every single Chiliad-related secret/theory/mystery into this video. We left out a bit such as the Infinite 8 man, the Ghost of Vinewood, etc. This video will however fill you in on all the basics and our most recent finds!

  2. It's really not a mystery. It's a mountain. There's a UFO that appears above it. That's it. The game file and code prove this.
    You can mod and go inside the mountain, there's fuck all there.
    This is pathetic clickbait. I've paused the video. You've got 20 seconds out of me. Bye.

  3. This was pretty interesting. I didn't enjoy GTAO or RDRO at all, so it's a shame so much of the already very cryptic story is locked behind "high level" GTAO content/DLC that a tiny minority of players will ever experience.

  4. I’m kinda bothered how rockstar scrapped what could of been a huge mission or dlc in single player. For just a lame side mission in gta online with no cut scenes or dialogue. It would of been much more cool to see a big mission with cut scenes and everything.

  5. Marketing gimmicks create resale value. (Marketing 101)
    • Ultima
    • Wizardry
    • Final Fantasy
    • Myst
    • Riven

    Early niche genres capitalized on open-ended endings…

    …incentivizing return buyers with unanswered EE (Easter Eggs).

  6. the purple mural in the military base features a Keyhole symbol, which is probably a reference to the Heavens gate cult and their logo. Heavens Gate were a group that committed a large mass suicide in individual beds with purple blankets, in order to send their bodies to a UFO from the future, which is exactly what is referenced in the shack in Red Dead Redemption 2 with the mysterious sermon and dead bodies in beds.

  7. I don't know what annoys me more: the fact that you add "-uh" to the end of your phrases, or that you pronounce San with a sharp A and Andreas with a long A. Either both A's are long or both are sharp.

  8. THERE IS NO MYSTERY. Rockstar just clued on and added little trolls through dlc and updates to keep everyone playing. They literally dont have an ending to the easter egg and never did. It was a giant troll. Thats why it cant be finished.

  9. Idk I could be wrong but the physics mural could represent the technology advances such as the jet pack coz it requires… physics? Idk lol just a thought

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