Celtic Music – Of Wolves and Men

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Man’s history is inextricably linked to that of the wolf, since the dawn of our kind we have both feared and admired its strength, intelligence, loyalty and ferocity. And somewhere among the lost millennia of the past we have become one family. Hunters of the same prey and protectors of the same home.

This song is based on a section from my “Spring Morning” piece.

All music composed and arranged by Adrian von Ziegler.

The artwork was created by this great artist:
© All audio material is copyrighted by Adrian von Ziegler.


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  1. Usage rights – please read:
    I’m posting the usage rights and important information about my music right here in a comment on every new video so that they’re easily accessible to everyone. =)

    If your project (any project at all, movie, photography, websites, live shows etc.) is non-commercial, which means it doesn't earn you any money, then you can use my music for free. Only given credits are necessary, that's the only condition. Credits would be totally fine as a small text in the movie, website etc. written "Music by Adrian von Ziegler". In live shows and other projects where including a text would be difficult, an oral mention would suffice as well. =)
    On YouTube and twitch you can also use my music for free even if you monetize your videos by the way!
    ANY school projects have automatic free permission to use my music, no license payment is required.

    If the project is commercial, meaning it makes money in any way (except YouTube and twitch, see above), you would have to buy a license for the music you want to use. The license payment would be small in almost all cases except for big budget productions. It would be a one-time payment, so you can use the music you bought forever in that project. It does not give you any rights over the music however, so remixing the music, re-selling it etc. is not allowed.
    Giving credits is also necessary in commercial projects.

    Please note that "for free" only applies to the usage license. Music is my full-time job and is where 100% of my earnings come from. So no matter what you use my music for, whether it's commercial or non-commercial use, I appreciate that you purchase the music instead of downloading it for free. Many people misunderstand this part so I need to clear this up. I love making music, but if everyone would just get it for free I would not be able to pay rent, so please understand. It was always my dream to make enough money to survive with music being my only job, and that is only possible because of people who go and buy that music.

    Remixing, sampling and other forms of altering the original song into a new piece of music is also generally not allowed unless the remix is 100% non-commercial and labelled with the original title and author of the song (me). Adding bird noises, nature sounds or similar things are allowed. Nightcore alterations are also allowed while non-commercial and labelled with original title and author (Google "Nightcore" in case of confusion).

    So if your project is non-commercial or a YouTube project, just give credits and there is nothing holding you back from using my songs. ANY song you want. =) If it's commercial stuff just write me a personal message or an email at [email protected] and inform me about the scale and details of the project and we'll make a deal.

    I am currently and for the foreseeable future not available for requests or collaborations, I'm sorry.

    I do not allow my music to be used in any project that has a clear political, racist or discriminatory message or is pornographic. By that I mean anything that goes from direct political, racist or discriminatory videos or underlining speeches with my music, onto remixing my melodies into a song that has lyrics with clear political, racist or discriminatory message and similar things that clearly promote these things. Same goes for explicit pornography. Media with nude art is allowed, if not pornographic in nature and purpose.

    I hope you're having an awesome day, and thanks a lot for being interested in my music! =)

  2. Moving into "modern" cities we have lost all touch with nature and how we were designed to live.
    If you get the chance, go to the park or if you can afford it, buy a farm and reconnect with nature.

  3. Meehh I have to comment..another one to take us in the lands of freedom.Fantasies of another world is all that exist when these soundwaves talk to our brain..

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