BF4 Gadget Glitch

This glitch really should be fixed asap. Its not how the game should be played. And if you live off of this glitch.. shame shame… there is a reason why there are separate classes. Because this game is a strategy game. You need to work with your team mates.

Music by Adam Olney


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  1. I hope this still works, I actually clicked on this video to try and replicate a situation my friend was lucky enough to have where his assault class has a 320 he on both gadget slots, he keeps grenadier perk on and has 12 of these bad boys that he can double burst by firing and switching then firing again before stopping to reload both.

  2. On Battlefield 3 there's a similar glitch. Except instead of the gadgets, it does the primary weapons. I decided to get on Battlefield 3 last night and enjoy some Metro and there was this guy who would kill me every time as a recon but he always had a M16A3. I finally figured it out and its basically the exact same thing as this (patched) BF4 gadget glitch. 

  3. Thanks @evilbeastlord I've known this glitch for about 6 months. You used to not even be able to find it on YouTube. Thanks to my friends who couldn't keep there mouths shut and tubers like you…the glitch has been patched as of today… It's a shame how the best underground glitches are ruined..

  4. you can actually combine up to three classes, get rid of the gadgets for the what ever is in the way and have a fast finger and boom you have a m16 with a rocket launcher and an ammo bag

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