Best Laptop Accessories / Gadgets! 2020

Some cool best laptop accessories and gadgets that I’ve been using this year!
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Logitech G305 Mouse –
VAVA 8-in-1 USB Type-C Hub –
SanDisk Extreme Pro External SSD –
Universal Dust Cleaner –
OXO Sweep & Swipe –

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  1. Love to see a Power Bank added to the list that could charge up all the daily accessories with ease (couple of phones, laptop and even camera battery) for the 'always on go' kind of person!
    Really love your videos, BEST WISHES for your 1m subscribers which you'll achieve really soon… keep posting interesting contents like these.

  2. Do not buy that slime focker. for a couple of times it got caught inside my keyboards..and thats a total mess!! Just use a display cleaner and a microfibre cloth for everything – totally fine, even for carbon fibre decks of XPS'- Everything else can by cleaned by a vacuum cleaner and a gentle shake. You're welcome

  3. Do you know which company makes affordable laptop table cooling thingy? Idk how to explain but yeah I remember seeing an affordable, relatively inexpensive one, not sure if it had RGB but yeap

  4. I'd recommend getting a Razer Atheris. It can connect on both wireless and bluetooth. It has a top magnetic cover, which stores the dongle underneath, access to batteries and super easy to detach.

  5. Great tips Matthew.. I adore the charger especially the small form size.. Sadly it is not for sale in the UK! but alas, fingers crossed one day it may be lol !

  6. external usb drives?
    Just get those cheap small M.2 things, with no drive it. Then buy a proper M.2 SSD – from a reputable brand, like samsung or the new SK Hynix, and throw them in there. it's just a couple of scrws. even a child could do it.
    Easier to fix as well. and you can take out the drive and put it directly into another pc, or laptop, and save your data

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