Agnete – Icebreaker (Official music video)

Director: Elle Márjá Eira
Director of photo: Ken Are Bongo
Editing: Tor Egil Rasmussen, Ken Are Bongo
Produced by: Elle Márjá Eira and Ken Are Bongo
Production company: Davás film AS
Dancer: Sara Kristine Einbu
Costume design: Linn Henriksen
Makeup and costume: Henriette Lille
B-foto: Thomas Bjørnstad
Gaffer: Mikael Luksepp
Film editing: Tor Egil Rasmussen
Grading: Mikkel Bjørge
Online: Jon T. Skjevven
Production assistant: Stian Johansen
Drone: Jan Helmer Olsen
Natur stock shot: Tor Even Mathisen
Graphics: Frikant mediedesign
Additional sound: Morten H. Pettersen

Thanks to:
Nils Gaup
Erik Treimann
Máret og Per Henrik Eira
Sølvi og Mathis Bongo
Várjjat Sámi Musea
Varangerbotn Menighetshus
Anu Forselius
Marit Ravdna Eira
Geir Ole Fredeng
International Sámi Film Institute

Norvidit Olav Skogøy
Krypton film AS
Davás film AS

Funded by:
Nesseby kommune
Byggmakker Materialhandelen
Sámediggi – Sametinget

Record label: Aiko music

Songwriters: Gabriel Alares/Agnete K. Johnsen/Ian Curnow
Producent: Henrik Nordenback/Gabriel Alares/Ian Curnow
Mix: Sören Von Malmborg​
Publishers: Snowflake Music Publishing and EE/DWB Music

Phonograph 2015 Aiko Music – Stein Vanebo
Copyright 2015 Aiko Music – Stein Vanebo

Management: Stein Vanebo & Espen Nystad


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  1. I'm malaysian.. i have watched ESC 2016.. even not LIVE.. and i have seen all the song of all Esc 2016 candidates.. one of the best song that i've hear was Icebreaker.. i was wondering why Norway can't go through to the final.. i love this song… and the singer too 🙂

  2. Dear Agnete, despite of the outcome of the ESC 2016, your perfomances were absolutely great. I'm head over heels in love with this song:) And thank you so much for reminding me and all of us that we should never give up on our goals and dreams, no matter what. Love and hugs from Russia.

  3. This song has become kinda a great discovery for me, I mean that sudden slowing tempo in a chorus))) So sad that Agnete is not in grand finale((( Still, one of the greatest this year! 12 points from Russia! And yes, still stuck in my head)))

  4. One of my favourite songs of Eurovision 2016!!. I love this country since I've been a little girl, but i'm very sad because Norway didn't pass at the contest end.Congratulations Icebreaker and 12 points from Melilla (Spain). A lot of Kisses!! <3

  5. Agnete, you were AWESOME in Eurovision at Stockholme, you were my fav out of all of them, it is okay you did not go to the Finals, for me, you did and you won!You are a beautiful girl with a great voice!Never, EVER stop the amazing progress and always be happy!Greetings, a like, and a subscribe from Greece!LOVE YOU!

  6. Absolutely devastated that this didn't make it through. It was an amazing song sung by an amazing person from an amazing country. I am so heartbroken. Please stay strong, Agnete! <3

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